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TV Commercials

The Timeless Triumph of TV:
Why Television Advertising never fades away...

In our fast-paced, hashtag-filled world, it's easy to assume that the old-school charm of TV advertising might have dimmed. After all, isn't everyone glued to their smartphones and social feeds? But hold that thought! TV advertising hasn't just survived the digital tsunami; it's riding the wave like a seasoned surfer.


So here's the scoop

While scrolling through Instagram or watching YouTube videos is all the rage, TV has a secret weapon – its massive, diverse audience. Every night families still gather around the TV, sports fans tune in for live matches, not to mention the  countless numbers of people watching their favourite soap opera. TV brings together a melting pot of viewers from all walks of life.

But wait, there's more!

Developments like video on demand (VOD), streaming and channel players mean that TV quite literally is always on. TV ads aren't just about reach; they're about impact. They combine sight, sound, and motion in a way that can stir emotions, create memories, and even become a part of popular culture. Think of the classic Super Bowl commercials or the yearly John Lewis ad that pulls at your heartstrings and signifies the beginning of the festive period! These ads stick with us, don’t they?

Let's not forget trust

In the wild west of the internet, where fake news and scepticism reign, TV stands as a beacon of credibility. When a brand pops up on your TV screen, it's like they're being endorsed by your favourite channel. This trust factor is gold for advertisers.

And here's the clincher

TV plays nice with digital. It's not a rivalry; it's a tag team. See a cool ad on TV? You might Google the product, follow the brand on Instagram, or even shop online. Second screen engagement with TV ads create a ripple effect that cascades across multiple digital platforms, allowing viewers to transition effortlessly between your advert, website and social channels - amplifying their reach and power.

The Wrap Up

So, in the digital age, TV advertising isn't just holding its ground; it's a key player. It's like the cool, experienced uncle who knows all the tricks. For advertising agencies, TV is much more than a blast from the past; it's a tried-and-true ally in a world where grabbing and holding attention is tougher than ever.

Testing and Measurement

Let's unpack cost measurement and common tv testing techniques, critical factors that ensure your advertising £££'s deliver ROI

From gorillas banging drums to horses thundering over waves, we all have TV adverts that live deep in our memories. That’s because, when done with a flair, TV ads can create pure magic.

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