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Video Production that
Bursts onto the screen

Aspect is one of the UK's leading video production agencies. We make standout video content for brands who know playing it safe is dangerous. We're based in London and Bristol. But work globally.



Say no to
the so so.

Churning out safe, middle of the road video content is one of the riskiest things you can do. Whether you’ve been making content for years or you’re just getting started, we help brands embrace the value of distinction. All in the name of sales, growth and personal glory.

We're a video production agency.
But WTF does that mean?

Macbeth the cat's paw

Content Strategy

Great things come from small beginnings. Put on your strat hat and say hello to the department that kicks it all off. Our strategy team distils, simplifies and outthinks any problem - taking you from grief to brief and ensuring your hard work gets seen through the activation plan it deserves.


Brief acquired. Now we let our creatives off the leash. Natural storytellers, they think and think, leaving no stone unturned as they concept fresh and original ideas that perfectly answer your brief.

In-house Production

This production line is ready! Our incredible studio team brings to life any idea, in any discipline, all under our one roof. Whether it’s live action, CGI or stop motion, there’s nothing these wizards can’t do.


Stop the scatter gun, it’s time to get targeted. From campaign roll out to video channel optimising. All eyes will be on you.

Stand up and Stand-out

When the average person is bombarded with over 5000 ads a day, you can’t afford to leave it to chance. So, here’re our three ingredients to make your content seriously standout:
Mixed messages


Confuse them and you lose them. Keep it simple, singular and super clear. Land one key message and win.


Measure what really matters. Turn viewers into do-ers and create content that drives action and outcomes.


Brands that make us feel have more appeal. Emotional storytelling affects choice, perception and behaviour.
I cannot thank you enough for helping us push our ambition for this TVC.
increase in jug sales
There was a moment when I realized we had something very special.
Virgine Liddawi, Director of Partnerships & Content Marketing
Marriott Hotels
We’re seeing our sales rocket off the back of this.
Chris Hedderman, Marketing Director
Adidas Golf
These workshops have completely transformed our approach to video delivering amazing results!
Rachelle Fuerth, Content Lead
Pukka Herbs
We knew Aspect had something special. The results have been game changing for us.
Antoine Dubois, SVP Global Marketing Strategy
Working with Aspect has been a delightful experience!
Charlotte Dorney, Head of Growth
Pasta Evangelists
This campaign is the perfect launch for our new brand.
Fiona Davies, Head of Brand & Marketing
University of South Wales
increase in masters
It's pushed us beyond our comfort zone. I was blown away!
City University
increase in jug sales

That's all very well, but who's the kitty?

Well, time to address the feline in the room. Say Mi Hao to MacBeth, our Mascot (and the real star of the show). This little guy is there to remind us that luck’s got nothing to do with making standout content.

Sure was lucky we landed on the moon.