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Crafting Your Story's Backbone

The Art of Scripting in Video Production

Well hello storytellers! Welcome to the world of scripting – the unsung hero of video production. Here at Aspect nestled in the creative hearts of Bristol and London, we're all about turning words into visual wonders. Scripting is where we lay the foundation of your story, ensuring that every word counts and every scene resonates.

Why The Script is your video's
best friend

Narrative Blueprint

Think of a script as the blueprint of your video. It's where we map out the storyline, dialogue, and visual cues, setting the stage for a compelling narrative.

Tone and Voice

It’s our opportunity to nail your brand’s tone of voice. Our scripting ensures that your video speaks in a voice that's unmistakably yours, whether it's cheeky and fun or sleek and professional.

Engagement and Clarity

The right script doesn't just tell a story; it engages and informs your audience clearly and effectively. It's about making sure your message doesn't just reach your audience but sticks with them.
How much does Scripting cost?
Scripting for a video – the foundation upon which all great videos are built! The cost of scripting can vary as much as the plots in a TV drama series. Let's dive into what goes into this cost:

Length and Complexity of the Script:
A short, straightforward promotional script will cost less than a detailed script for a long-form corporate video or a narrative film.

Experience and Expertise of the Writer:
A seasoned scriptwriter with a track record of successful projects will typically charge more than an up-and-comer.

Research Required:
If the script requires extensive research or technical knowledge, this will be reflected in the cost.

Revisions and Feedback:
The number of revisions and the extent of changes requested can impact the final price. More rounds of revisions usually mean a higher cost.

Turnaround Time:
Need that script ASAP? Rush jobs can incur additional fees.

Rough Cost Estimates

Basic Scripting:
For simple, short video scripts, you might be looking at a few hundred pounds.

Mid-Level Projects:
More detailed and longer scripts can range from £500 to £2,000, depending on the complexity and length.

High-End Scripting:
For scripts requiring extensive research, technical accuracy, or narrative storytelling (like short films or detailed corporate videos), prices can start at £2,000 and go upwards.

Tips for Budgeting:

Clear Brief: Provide a detailed brief to the writer. The more specific you are about your needs, the more accurate the quote.
Factor in Revisions: It's normal to have a few rounds of revisions, but extensive rewrites can add up.
Value Experience: While it's tempting to go with the cheapest option, experienced writers can add significant value to your project.

In summary, the cost of scripting for a video varies based on the project's requirements and the writer's expertise. It's an essential investment that lays the groundwork for your video's success. A well-crafted script can captivate your audience and effectively convey your message, so it's worth getting it right!

Our Scripting Process: Where Magic Meets Method

At Aspect, we believe scripting is a blend of art and science. Here's how we bring your stories to life:
Concept Development
Storyboarding and Outlining
Writing and Refining
Collaborative Review
Final Touches

Why Choose Aspect for Scripting?

Because we're more than just writers; we're storytellers at heart. Our team combines creative flair with strategic insight to create scripts that don’t just tell stories but captivate and resonate with audiences. A good creative video agency will be insistent on nailing the script long before you get to set.

Scripting FAQs

Scripting is crucial. It’s the groundwork of your video, setting the tone, pace, and direction of the entire production.
Absolutely! From explainer videos to dramatic narratives, our scripting adapts to fit your unique brand voice and objectives.
We immerse ourselves in your brand, understanding your voice, message, and audience to ensure the script feels like a natural extension of your brand.


Ready to turn your ideas into an engaging script? We’re ready to get writing. With Aspect, your vision is in skilled hands. We’re here to craft scripts that don’t just tell your story but bring it vividly to life. Time to start scripting your success!

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