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Sky AdSmart

Sky AdSmart is a cutting-edge approach to TV advertising that allows companies to harness its power for their marketing campaigns. Unlike traditional TV advertising that reaches a broad audience, AdSmart leverages customer data to showcase your advert to a carefully selected audience more likely to engage with your product or service. With a budget of £3000 or more, your brand can take advantage of Sky AdSmart's targeted advertising capabilities.

How Sky AdSmart Works

Sky AdSmart operates by using TV advertising to boost your company's growth. Here's how it functions:
Target Audience Selection
Advert Placement
Cost-Effective Advertising

Sky AdSmart Targeting Options

Sky AdSmart offers various targeting options to tailor your advertising campaign effectively:
You can target your ads based on geographical locations, allowing you to focus your marketing budget on areas where you want maximum exposure, such as promoting a local venue.
AdSmart lets you choose your target audience's age, either based on the head of the household, a mix of household members, or even children's ages, which is especially useful for advertisers promoting children's products.
Other attributes available for targeting include household affluence, financial strategies, pet ownership, car ownership, and whether a household is new or established. You can also target specific demographics like second mortgage holders, homeowners, renters, or individuals in the market for a new home. Access to data from credit rating experts like Experian further enhances your targeting capabilities.

Sky AdSmart Costs

As a rough guideline, the minimum media budget required to advertise on Sky channels through AdSmart is approximately £3000. Costs may vary based on the profile of households within your chosen target audience. We can provide quick and tailored media quotes for your Sky advertising needs; feel free to get in touch for a personalized quote.

In summary, Sky AdSmart offers a powerful and cost-effective way to reach your target audience by utilizing data-driven targeting options. It allows your brand to maximize visibility and communicate its unique selling points without the hefty price tag associated with traditional TV advertising.


Broadcaster Video-on-Demand and advertising on BVOD are great ways to reach people who watch less linear TV. BVOD adverts are often non-skippable, so your advert gets the viewers full attention without all the screen clutter which fights for attention on YouTube. According to recent data from Thinkbox, VOD watching increased by 30% in 2021.

Another key stat from the BVOD and VOD world, 40.2% of VOD watching is taking place on a TV set. Touchpoints 2020 survey. This is important because adverts on TV are full screen, without the interruptions usually found on social media or YouTube.


Amazon offers a treasure trove of advertising opportunities across its digital streaming landscape, including Amazon Prime Video, Fire TV, and even Twitch, blending the worlds of entertainment, e-commerce, and advertising in a way only Amazon can.

How Much Will You Spend?

The specifics of advertising costs on Amazon's streaming services are as dynamic as the platform itself. Factors influencing the cost include the type of ad, the target audience, and the campaign duration.

Generally, Amazon operates on a Cost Per Thousand (CPM) model for its Over-The-Top (OTT) advertising, with prices varying based on the ad's reach and specificity. For instance, streaming TV ad prices can range from $10 to $30 CPM, but these figures can shift based on campaign specifics and the competitive landscape at the time of booking.

What You Need to Know

Amazon's digital streaming platform allows advertisers to tap into a diverse and engaged audience. With options to advertise on exclusive originals on Amazon Freevee, live sports, and top TV and network broadcaster apps, brands can find their niche and speak directly to their desired viewers. Moreover, Amazon's deep well of consumer data enables highly targeted advertising, ensuring your ads are seen by viewers most likely to be interested in your products or services.


In wrapping up our exploration of advertising costs on digital streaming platforms, it's clear that both Sky AdSmart and Amazon's digital streaming services, along with Broadcaster Video-on-Demand (BVOD), provide innovative avenues for reaching targeted audiences in the evolving landscape of TV and online advertising.

Sky AdSmart's data-driven approach allows for precise targeting with a starting budget of £3000, offering an efficient way for brands to make a significant impact without the hefty investment traditionally associated with TV ads. Meanwhile, Amazon's streaming services adapt a flexible CPM model catering to a broad or niche audience, benefiting from Amazon's rich consumer insights for targeted advertising.

BVOD adds another layer, capturing audiences shifting away from linear TV with engaging, non-skippable content. These platforms collectively represent the future of advertising, where data, digital innovation, and targeted reach redefine how brands connect with their audiences, ensuring that every penny of the advertising budget is spent wisely to engage with potential customers in the most effective way possible.

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