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Colour Grading:

Painting Your Story with Every Hue

Unleashing the Power of Colour in Your Videos

Welcome to the vibrant world of colour grading – where we don't just add colour, we add character. In the realm of video production, colour grading isn't just a step; it's the secret sauce that turns your video from 'meh' to 'wow'!

Why Colour Grading is like
adding a pinch of magic

Setting the Tone

Colour grading sets the tone of your video, subtly influencing how your audience feels, whether you want them to be on the edge of their seats or reaching for a box of tissues.

Consistency is Key

Like good coffee needs the perfect blend, your video needs consistency. Colour grading ensures that every shot in your video feels like part of the same world, even if they were shot in different lighting conditions or locations.

Making it Pop

Let's face it – we all want to stand out. Colour grading can make your visuals pop, ensuring that your video doesn’t just get watched; it gets remembered.
How much does
Colour Grading cost?
Color grading, the unsung hero of video production, that can turn your footage from 'meh' to 'wow'! The cost of color grading a video is a bit like choosing a paint job for your car; it depends on the quality and specifics of what you want. Here’s the lowdown:

Duration and Complexity of the Footage:
Longer videos or those requiring complex colour adjustments will cost more. Think of a blockbuster movie versus a short promo video.

Level of Expertise Required:
A seasoned colourist with a portfolio full of high-end work will likely charge more than someone just starting out.

Turnaround Time:
Need it yesterday? Faster turnaround can bump up the price.

Software and Equipment Used:
High-end colour grading software and calibrated monitors can add to the cost.

Creative Demands:
If your project requires a highly specific or artistic look, it might require more time and skill, thus
increasing the cost.

Rough Cost Estimates

Basic Colour Grading:
For simple projects, costs can start from a few hundred pounds, especially if it's a straightforward job.

Intermediate Projects:
More detailed work on short to medium-length videos might range from £500 to £3,000.

High-End Colour Grading:
For feature films or high-budget commercials requiring intricate colour work, prices can start from £3,000 and go up significantly.

Get Quotes: As always, get quotes based on your project specifics. Colourists or post-production houses can provide tailored estimates.
Consider the Impact: Good colour grading can elevate your project. It's often worth investing in to make your video stand out.
Plan for Post-Production: Include colour grading in your initial budgeting to avoid surprises later.

In a nutshell, colour grading costs can vary as much as the colours in a sunset. It's all about the length, complexity, and artistic requirements of your project. Remember, great color grading is like the final seasoning on a gourmet dish – it brings everything together beautifully!

Our Colour Grading Process

At colour grading is where we have our fun – and make your videos shine:
Mood Boarding and Colour Scheming
Balancing Act
Creative Colouring
Final Polish

Why Choose Aspect for Colour Grading?

Because we're not just technicians, we're artists. At Aspect, we believe every video is a canvas waiting to be brought to life with colour. Our team, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and a good dose of flair, is here to ensure your video not only tells a story but also looks darn good doing it.

Colour Grading FAQs

Absolutely! It's like the difference between a plain bagel and one smothered in cream cheese and your favourite toppings. Colour grading adds that extra zest that takes your video to the next level.
Necessary? Maybe not. Beneficial? Definitely! From corporate videos to music videos, a splash of colour grading magic can elevate any type of video.
It's like asking how long a piece of string is – it varies. But we're all about efficiency with pizzazz, so we'll get your video looking snazzy in no time.


Ready to add some colour to your video? Let's make it happen! With Aspect, you're not just getting a colour grading service; you're getting a creative partner who's ready to make your video pop, sizzle, and everything in between. Let's paint the town (and your video) with every hue under the sun!

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