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Setting the Stage for Success

The Essential First Step in Video Production

Pre-production, where the seeds of your video project are planted and nurtured! At Aspect, we know that great video content doesn’t just happen – it’s carefully planned. Pre-production is where we lay the groundwork for your video, ensuring every detail is mapped out before the cameras start rolling.

Why robust Pre-Production
makes all the difference

Blueprint for Success

Think of pre-production like the blueprint for building a house. It's where we plan everything from the script to the shooting schedule, making sure that the actual production runs smoothly.

Budget and Resource Optimization

Good pre-production means no budget surprises. We nail down the budget and allocate resources efficiently, ensuring your project is economically sound.

Creative Collaboration and Strategy

This phase is all about collaboration. We ensure we keep your business goals front of mind, and that the way the’ve been woven into the strategy and creative ideas is protected.
How much does
Pre-production cost?
Video pre-production, the crucial blueprint stage of your video masterpiece! The cost of pre-production can be as varied as the ingredients in a gourmet recipe. It sets the tone for everything that follows, so let’s break it down:

Concept Development:
Brainstorming and developing the initial concept. This creative process can vary in cost depending on the complexity and originality required.

As we discussed earlier, scriptwriting costs depend on length, complexity, and the writer's expertise.

Creating visual storyboards to outline the video. This involves artistic skills and can add to the cost, especially for more detailed storyboards.

Casting and Talent Scouting:
If your video requires actors, the casting process can incur costs, from holding auditions to hiring casting directors.

Location Scouting and Permits:
Finding the perfect location and securing necessary permits, especially for shooting in public spaces or unique locations, can add to the budget.

Scheduling and Logistics:
Planning the shoot schedule and coordinating logistics is a time-consuming task that often requires professional expertise.

Equipment and Crew Planning:
Determining and organising the necessary equipment and crew for the shoot days.

Budgeting and Administration:
Managing the overall budget, contracts, and paperwork also factors into pre-production costs.

Rough Cost Estimates
Low-Budget Projects: For small-scale or simpler projects, pre-production can cost a few hundred to a few thousand pounds.
Mid-Range Projects: More comprehensive pre-production for corporate videos or more substantial projects might range from £5,000 to £15,000.
High-End Productions: For large-scale productions with complex requirements, pre-production costs can start at £20,000 and go upwards.

Efficient Planning: Effective pre-production can save money in the long run by preventing costly mistakes during production and post-production.
Clear Vision and Communication: The more clearly you define your project's goals and requirements from the start, the more accurate your pre-production cost estimates will be.
Consider the Big Picture: Remember, pre-production is an investment in the quality and success of your final video.

In essence, the cost of video pre-production is all about the groundwork laid for a successful shoot. It's a mix of creative and logistical planning that sets the stage for everything that follows. By investing wisely in pre-production, you pave the way for a smoother, more efficient, and ultimately more successful production phase.

Our Pre-Production Process: Where Ideas Take Flight

At a creative video agency, pre-production is where we turn ideas into actionable plans:
Project Kickoff and Brainstorming
Scriptwriting and Storyboarding
Casting and Location Scouting
Scheduling and Logistics
Budget Management

Why Choose Aspect for Pre-Production?

Because we believe that the best videos are born from meticulous planning. Our team combines creativity with practicality, ensuring that your video project is not only artistically sound but also logistically feasible.

Pre-Production FAQs

Absolutely vital! It’s the stage where we lay the foundation for everything that follows.
Definitely. Well-planned pre-production directly contributes to the quality and success of the final product.
Through open communication, creative brainstorming, and meticulous planning, we ensure your vision and goals are at the heart of our pre-production process.


Ready to start your video journey on the right foot? Let Aspect lead the way in pre-production. We’re here to set the stage for your video’s success, ensuring that every step from concept to completion is handled with expert care and creativity. Let's make your video dreams a reality – starting with a solid plan!

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