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The Scarf.

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5th most recognisable
tv advert
The Mission.

Make it emotional.

Nationwide is one of the UK’s oldest high street building societies. But after years of TV advertising that focused heavily on their products they needed a campaign that would put heart and soul back into the brand and give them a more human voice again.
TV Commercial
The Campaign.

A simple story.

This striking advert tells the heartwarming story of a father and son who share a special scarf and the Nationwide employee who goes beyond the call of duty to return the item when it is lost.

Behind the Scenes
ITV knitted spoof
The Production.

Power of feeling.

Telling an emotive story meant capturing authentic performances and cinematic moments that align the audience with the characters journey.

Even in a short TVC, the classic principles of narrative structure were key in delivering an emotional payoff.

The scarf TVC hit the emotional highs we were so hoping for and delivered a message that aligned so perfectly with our mutual proposition. We couldn’t be happier with the result.
Paul Hibbs, Director of Advertising
Nationwide Building Society

The Results.

Campaign views online
5th Most recognisable TV Advert
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