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The feel good filter.

The Mission.

From single use to Brita.

The challenge was how to convert single use bottled water drinkers to filtered water instead. Encouraging families to make small positive changes at home.
TV Campaign
The Campaign.

A simple story.

We engaged with emotive storytelling from the perspective of a curious, eco-conscious child.

The campaign idea was expressed in a hero TVC, plus over 25 digital outputs with creative variants. A photography shoot created additional assets that were key at point-of-sale.


Living it.

We practiced what the campaign preached, making sure the whole production met the highest sustainability standards.
Behind the scenes
I couldn’t be more thrilled. I cannot thank you enough for helping us push our ambition for this TVC, it has the attention across the group globally.
Lucy Wakelin, Marketing Manager
The results.

Feel Good Filter was one of Brita’s most successful campaigns:

increase in jug sales
increase in cartridge sales
Increase in ROI
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