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Activation Hub.

Plan for creative and media together and tailor content to serve each channel.

Get ahead of the curve.

It’s called a media plan, but it’s so often a media after-thought. Don’t figure out your activation strategy after the creative is locked down. Develop creative and media buying in tandem to unlock a tonne of efficiencies and opportunities for your video content.

Amplify with more assets.

No more last minute Frankenstein cuts-downs or rehashed content for different formats! We’ll give you audience focussed media recommendations ahead of production. This means we can plan to capture a bank of unique campaign assets that are made to measure each of your platforms, channels and audience segments.

Get a long-term strategy.

No more scatter gun! We’ll help you identify gaps & opportunities where you can achieve real competitive distinction. And based on your new brand narrative, create an actionable long-term content plan.

Is Activation Hub for me?

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We get the same boilerplate media plan.
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We lack the right content for all our channels.
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We rely on cutdowns and repurposing.
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The media plan always comes after production.
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We don’t have the right content for the customer journey.
We were really thrilled with the results of the campaign activation of our sustainable living products.

The process.

The Brief.
Develop a full picture of who you are, who you serve, what you need and why.
Market Analysis.
Evaluate your brand, competitors, sector develop customer insights.
The Plan.
Tailor the most effective media combinations for your brand.
Develop content and ad formats with audience, media, platform in mind.
Securing the media. Getting the best deals on media slots.
Monitor & Support.
Monitoring and performance reports to ensure delivery against KPI’s. Real time updates to adapt to performance.
Get started.

Let’s get to work.