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P4T Episode 11:

Butcher vs Tailor

P4T E11: Butcher vs Tailor

When a fashion house designs a new collection, they don’t carefully craft one garment, only to chop it up to make all the other items needed for the collection. And yet when it comes to video campaigns this happens all the time! For every hero video created today, many brands require 100s of video variations for all their different ad formats and social channels. And one size doesn’t fit all!

People involved.
  • Creatives: Dave Watson & Elle Dimond
  • Author: Evelyn Timson
  • Editor: Helena Garcia
  • Animator: Pedro Marquez
  • Sound Design: Tom Joyce

Phantom Thread
The Social Dilemma
Kenzo - Paris campaign
Gangs of New York
Coco Avant Chanel
Boss - Dubai campaign
The great hack
Feels good man
What Happens When You Don’t Skip the Ads (feat. Brendan Scannell)
Lo and behold
Brita - The feel good filter
Iphone - vertical cinema
James villa holidays
death becomes her
Tesla - solar powering Kauai
Pixelmator pro tutorial
Purple pillow Promo 2019
How to sell drugs online
Punch drunk love
Dior and I
Atlas - Battles
Rosalia - Saoko
Pet shop boys - On social media

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