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Creative Lab.

Collaborative sessions to inspire your team and squeeze only the juiciest of ideas.

Creative Lab.Creative Lab.

Be part of the creative process.

Creative development usually happens at arms length but with Creative Lab you influence, contribute and shape ideas.

Unlock ideas with creative hacks.

Learn the method to our madness! Coming up with the right idea takes the right conditions, stimulus and mindset. Our immersive sessions include industry proven exercises and creative techniques to spark the imagination.

Is Creative Lab for me?

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We want to be more involved in the creative process.
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Our in-house creatives want to learn and develop.
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We need a big idea to shape our activity.
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We want a better idea generation process.
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As we continue to work together it feels more and more like we’re one team and that is a great place to be.
Fox, Global Marketing Director
Pukka Herbs

The process.

Immersion in the world of the product and audience.
Open out.
Learn how losing inhibitions can push ideas far and wide.
Creative exploration.
Use our creative bespoke tools to combine and form ideas.
Focus in.
Turn early ideas into proper concepts, shortlisting the strongest.
Internal testing.
Share and test concept performance.
Craft & develop.
Explore ways to elevate ideas through execution.
Commit ideas to paper. Beat by beat.
Visualise the story we’re telling.
External testing.
Check your target audience feels the same way as you.
Production ready.
Your ready to start making a campaign that will tranform your brand.

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Get started.

Let’s get to work.

Creative Lab.Creative Lab.