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Campaign Pro.

Crack the content code for video led campaigns in this interactive workshop.

Campaign Pro.Campaign Pro.

Land that big campaign idea.

The workshop will generate a plethora (you heard us!) of ideas which can be cascaded and tailored for each audience and channel on the customer journey.

Right content, right place, right time.

Integrated campaigns need a huge variety of assets for each platform. Plan for a multitude of content that will hit all your messages, targeting and formats across the customer journey.

Fame, Fluency, Feeling.

How will they find you? How will you be recognised? What emotion and action will you inspire? Our workshops help create brand salience and put you front of mind. We explore the 3 big F’s, so your audience will give an F about your brand.

Is Campaign Pro for me?

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We don’t get enough ROI from campaigns.
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Our last campaign didn’t get enough engagement.
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We have a new campaign we have to get right.
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We don’t have enough unique assets to use.
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It has to be stand out and memorable!
We ended up with so much rich content that both drove the messages we needed, but amplified and gave the campaign real longevity.
Sarah Broadhead, Head of Marketing
Pizza Express

The process.

Understand audience, brand context and campaign goals.
Innovative exercises based around fame, feeling and fluency to determine the foundations of the creative brief.
Develop an internal proposition and land a big idea that differentiates!
Build a campaign plan with specific creative executions to engage audiences on different platforms and channels at different times.

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Get started.

Let’s get to work.

Campaign Pro.Campaign Pro.