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Audience Spotlight.

With our Video Portraits you'll discover the real people behind the profiles.

Get up close & personal.

When considering your audience, it’s easy to make broad assumptions and be influenced by unconscious bias. You need a vivid and compelling shared point of reference for all stakeholders and decision makers.

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More than research.

Our ‘video portraits’ bring the customer into the room. See and hear from them directly. For a richer, deeper understanding of the people you’re targeting.

Insight fuels ideas.

Real audience insight fuels creative ideas. When your content is built around needs, passions, fears and interests, they’ll really resonate and engage.

Is Audience Spotlight for me?

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We don’t get the engagement we want.
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We know who our audience is. But not what motivates them.
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We’re not saying anything distinctive.
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We don’t have a shared vision of our audience.
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We have more than one audience to engage.
Aspect’s unique approach really helped bring our audience to life and into the room for all our stakeholders.

The process.

Define segments and develop creative qualification ‘screen’ and questionnaires.
Insight fieldwork.
Recruit and validate candidates for ‘live interviews’. Identify challenges and barriers at each stage of customer journey.
Identify current trends(political, social, economic, and cultural) as topical stimulus the final videos.
Deliver video portraits for each segment, plus a ‘short teaser’ overview of all segments, and a final report mapping customer mindsets across the customer journey.
Get started.

Let’s get to work.