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City University.

Extraordinary calling.

Increase in undergraduate
increase in website visists
increase in masters
The Mission.

Differentiate. Differentiate. Differentiate.

How do you make a University stand out in a crowded market where everyone essentially says the same thing? City needed to find a way to create distinctive content.
Video Case Study
Your Place In Our City
The Workshop.

A new voice.

Our Brand StoryGen workshop helped develop a content strategy that positioned City as the authentic voice of students, putting them at the heart of the brand’s video content.

The Strategy.

A new opportunity.

We saw an opportunity to celebrate the students, the location, the opportunity, and the rich history of City in a more authentic way. But authenticity doesn’t mean you can’t be bold!

CASS Business School: Extraordinary Calling
City Pride
The Content.

A new kind of content.

Highlights included a brand film that used SFX to put wild animals on the streets of London, a deeply personal film about City’s role in the history of London, as well as a range of content that celebrated the unique stories of City students
and Alumni.

Entrepreneurship SERIES
Microplacements SERIES
It's pushed us beyond our comfort zone. I was blown away!
Justin Scott, Deputy Director of Marketing and Com
City university
The Commutable University

The Results.

increase in undergraduate applications
increase in website visits
increase in masters applications
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