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P4T Episode 13:

Harness Human to Human for B2B Success

P4T E13: Unleashing Emotion

Time and again we see business fall into the same traps. They think that to gain traction with potential customers they have to talk about the rational - speed, cost, technical ability. But here's the thing; customers are humans too. There's no harm in adding a generous sprinkle of entertainment, even emotion in there. The best news of all? Not enough businesses are doing it. Unlike in B2C marketing, where these fundamentals of film have been reaping commercial rewards for years, the opportunity to stand out and win big is easier in B2B. And who doesn't love an easy win eh?!

People involved.
  • Creatives: Dave Watson & Tom Carroll
  • Author: Evelyn Timson
  • Editor: Helena Garcia
  • Animator: Pedro Marquez
  • Sound Design: Tom Cornes

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