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5 Brand tips & tricks that will help you to identify your place on the ever-growing viral platform.

Why you shouldn't fear TikTok

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The new Tik on the Block.

It might seem like TikTok burst onto the scene out of nowhere, but was it really an overnight sensation? Not quite. TikTok's story began with its predecessor,, a lip-syncing app that was already making waves among the younger crowd. As an app it's a kaleidoscope of content where users, from everyday folks to celebs, showcase their talents, share stories, or just joke around. The beauty of TikTok lies in its algorithm, which is like a savvy best friend who knows exactly what you'll find entertaining or interesting, serving up an endless stream of personalised videos.

Crowned as the most downloaded app in 2020, TikTok boasts a plethora of intriguing statistics that underline its influence across various generations. Recent research reveals that users are increasingly turning to TikTok, not just for entertainment, but as a search engine for information on travel plans, hotels, and experiences, often favouring it over traditional search engines like Google. Additionally, TikTok's global reach is impressive, being accessible in over 150 countries and offering translation in 75 languages. This provides an incredible opportunity for your content to resonate with a diverse array of countries and cultures.

Your Brand’s ticket to trending tales.

So, what's holding brands back from embracing TikTok effectively? Brands are often put off by a multitude of things, rapid content turnover, specific content styles / pacing, the measurement of ROI, but most importantly it’s the unfamiliar territory, the fear of the unknown, which leads to the resistance to join an ever-growing app and community.

This unfamiliarity leads to TikTok being treated as an afterthought, a place where content created for other platforms is repurposed, despite not being tailored for TikTok's unique algorithm. It's high time we shift our perspective and start seeing TikTok not as a secondary option, but as a primary platform for sharing content. Now… enough about the why, what about the how?!

Tips and Tricks:

In order to get a better grasp on the platform, we've pinpointed five crucial tips and tricks for brands to thrive on TikTok and connect with their audiences.

The Big 5:

⁃ Be Authentic  

⁃ Embrace Trends

⁃ Educate others

⁃ Take the mick  

⁃ Be collaborative

Be Authentic:

To be ‘authentic’ Brands should create low-Fi, everyday content. This content is often made in-house and some examples of the type of videos created are: ‘A day in the life’ , 'Set up my new desk with me, 'Unbox my parcel with me’ etc. Brands succeed by creating truthful and trustworthy content that is easy and entertaining to watch.

Brands include: Zara, Nike, The Lionesses, Ikea.

Embrace Trends

Arguably one of the easiest ways to increase user engagement is by using popular audio. TikTok’s algorithm will recommend videos for each user based on their watching habits and generally there are trends that see increases in the use of certain audio, whether that’s music, clips from films or memes etc. Ryan air is a great example of a brand that embraces trends and they aren’t afraid to take the mick out of themselves while doing it!  

Brands include: Ryan air (very good user engagement), Love honey, Heinz.

Educate Others:

Another way to succeed on the platform is to educate and inform the audience on specific subjects. These subjects vary from health & wellbeing to DIY and Self-care. There has been an increase in engagement in TikTok educators, as we know studies are showing more people are using TikTok as a search engine platform. For brands such as the NHS or brands that focus on one specific product / service, using the platform to educate, helps to introduce their services without creating a whole campaign.

Brands include: NHS, Veet, Spike ball.

Take the mick.

When we say take the mick, we don’t mean of others but of yourself! Often brands will make original material that is new to TikTok, rather than following popular TikTok trends, with the intention of going ‘viral’. Some companies may upload a blooper reel or funny BTS moments. In general, a lot of F1 brands do this, post-race videos, ‘the drivers likes and dislikes’ and just general never before seen content.

Brands include: Nando’s, Mercedes (F1), Urban tandoor.

Be collaborative.

Brands often work with celebrities or influencers to promote their products / services. This type of TikTok account is commonly associated with wellness brands such as skincare, makeup, and food/drink. Make up and beauty brands tend to use TikTok to share influencers / celebrities talking about their products whether that be their favourite beauty hacks & tips.

Brands include: Lucozade, Mac, L’Oréal.  

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We understand the challenges and apprehensions brands face when considering TikTok as a part of their digital strategy. However, the opportunities TikTok presents are too significant to overlook. With its massive, engaged user base and unique, trend-driven environment, TikTok offers a fresh, dynamic way to connect with audiences. Looking to go viral? Why not get in touch!

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