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The game changer.

Increase in engagement
across social channels
campaign views
(over 50% organic)
The Mission.

Become Europe’s most connected golf brand.

How do you go from producing videos ad-hoc with under par engagement, to becoming Europe’s most connected golf brand?
Video Case Study
The Workshop.

Shaping a new direction.

Our Brand StoryGen workshop transformed the brand’s entire approach to video. The key that unlocked the whole content strategy was being truly customer centric. That meant making videos that talked from the golfer’s POV.  
First on course
The Campaign.

Content they care about.

Whether it was launching new products, giving golf tips or doing stunts with brand ambassadors, all the content was created with one thing in mind. Will our target audience connect with this video?

Sergio vs Drones

Grabbing attention.

Highlights included a film featuring Sergio Garcia hitting drones out of the sky and an emotional retelling of Justin Rose’s story: from lows and disappointment to reaching the pinnacle of the game.

The Game Changer
We’re seeing our sales rocket off the back of this.
Chris Hedderman, Head of Content
The results.

Our content strategy generated transformational results for Taylormade:

increase in engagement across social channels
campaign views (over 50% organic)
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