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On the house.

The Mission.

Financial clarity.

Explain a financial product like Sunlife’s Equity Release to over 50s, inspiring them to find out more.
Equity Release DRTV 1
The Workshop.

Someone you trust.

Our Brand StoryGen workshop helped develop a DRTV campaign that enlisted one Britain’s most savvy and well trusted celebrities. The goal was to demystify Sunlife’s ‘Over 55 Equity Release Service’ and highlight how straightforward it can be to unlock cash in property.

Equity Release DRTV 2
Equity Release explained
The Campaign.

Keep it simple.

In the commercial, we follow Carol as she explains how homeowners can release cash and enjoy the retirement they deserve. It’s simple, open, and direct. We also developed an approach for explainer videos. Balancing education and entertainment was key in our nostalgic 1950s animation style.

We are delighted to be working with Aspect, there’s not a single presentation you’ve done that I haven’t been impressed with and yesterday was no exception in terms of the quality of thinking and standard of execution.
Ian Atkinson, Chief marketing officer


Equity Release is SunLife’s biggest product launch in over a decade, promoted across TV, radio, press, mail and digital, positioning the brand as the biggest advertiser of the product in the market.

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