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Pizza Express.

Go Romana.

The Mission.

Reconnect with lost audiences.

After the tumultuous lockdown period in the UK, Pizza Express wanted to proactively reconnect to their audiences with a new campaign focussing on their premium Romana range.
Awareness - Retail
The Workshop.

Go far and wide.

Through our Campaign Pro workshop we worked up a campaign strategy that would deliver bespoke hero assets for all three commercial channels - restaurant, retail and delivery.

Awareness - Restaurant
The Idea.

Get the drama.

We landed on a simple message that had huge potential for creative expression. We can all relate to that moment your food arrives. The  emotion, anticipation and excitement! We over dramatised and played on this up for comedic effect.
Awareness - Delivery
We were absolutely thrilled with how Aspect brought Go Romana, Get the drama to life, both in terms of their creativity and the sensitivity to the tough economic and political environment we were working in.
Sarah Broadhead, Head of Marketing
Pizza Express
The Campaign.

Go Romana.

We didn’t just slice up the hero ad! We created a multi-verse of content specifically tailored for individual audiences, platforms and channels. This made the campaign (and budget) go much further.

Campaign Extensions
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