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See beyond.

The Mission.

Change the story.

How do you encourage growth when you’re already the biggest operator in the region? Marriott International came to us to expand their audience and change perceptions of the Middle East and Asia.
Hero film
The Campaign.

Open your mind.

We saw a real opportunity to challenge viewers to look beyond what you expect to see when visiting the Middle East and Asia.

An exclusive Marriot trip would guarantee a totally unique experience - allowing you to see what others don’t.

South Africa specific content
Egypt specific content
Morocco specific content
Saudi specific content
Qatar specific content
United Arab Emirates specific content
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The Production.

See Beyond.

Packed with naturally observed human moments, our hero film was a beautiful celebration of the diversity of the region.

Regional specific content and a mini hero film for each country gave an even more bespoke experience to the viewer.

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There was a moment when I realized we had something very special.
Virgine Liddawi, Director of Partnerships & Content Marketing

The Results.

Youtube views
In-hotel views
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