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Pukka Herbs.


The Mission.

Feel the calm.

Our busy target audience can find modern life stressful and feel anxious. This campaign needed to show that Pukka’s calming teas & supplements can help reduce  stress levels.
TV Campaign
The Workshop.

Searching for distinction.

Our Creative Lab workshop brought us together with some lovely people from Pukka to define a creative direction that not only made the brand feel synonymous with calm but it did so in a way that felt distinctly Pukka.

The campaign.

Nature brings you calm. Pukka brings you nature.

The campaign was born from the idea that taking a moment in your day to enjoy pukka tea would transport you to a calming natural mind space.


An integrated approach.

Rather than simply relying on a hero concept and re-purposing it across different channels, our bespoke channel approach meant every media platform had its own dedicated creative execution, helping to amplify the message.

It’s exciting to create these campaigns together. As ever we seem to be able to pass the baton back and forth with great spirit.
Fox, Global Marketing Director
Pukka Herbs
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