"Why care?"

That’s the question we’ve always asked ourselves. When we started Aspect (with just one camera and an old Mac) we knew that we had to give the audience a reason to care, to watch till the end, to share and connect. We got a kick out of uncovering an idea, writing a script and crafting a story that people would actually want to engage with. It was exciting then and still is today.

"At our heart is filmmaking"

Aspect’s heart is in filmmaking – using the power of sight, sound and motion to affect an audience. But we don’t stop there…

We surround ourselves with talented people from all disciplines. We’ve built an in-house team whose expertise goes beyond content creation and expands our ability to plan, execute and activate content. This holistic approach means we deliver a whole spectrum of outputs – in a way that’s clever, considered and highly effective.

We understand the broader strategic needs of our clients and increasingly we find brands enjoy working directly with filmmakers. Bypassing traditional approaches they can tap into the talent that brings stories to life and reach their audiences.

When you partner with Aspect you’re working with experts who truly care about what we create and more importantly the results we achieve for brands.