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P4T Episode 7:

Fame, Feeling and Fluency

P4T E7: Fame Feeling Fluency

Brands that speak to us on an unconscious, emotive and intuitive level, often deliver on one if not all of the 3 big F’s. Fame, Feeling & Fluency. To state the obvious, few people choose brands based on extensive research and rational analysis. Instead, when choosing an app or a snack or a sanitary towel, we generally go with our gut. It’s what Behavioural Scientists call System 1 thinking. Prof. Daniel Kahneman says...

‘Intuitive (System1) thinking is not magical; something just ‘feels right’. Brands that really deliver on that gut-appeal System 1 level have a huge advantage over the competition. So let’s explore each of the 3 F’s in the video above...

People involved.
  • Creatives: Dave Watson & Tom Carroll
  • Author: Evelyn Timson
  • Editor: Helena Garcia
  • Animator: Pedro Marquez
  • Sound Design: Tom Cornes

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