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University of South Wales.

Cause & effect.

The Mission.

Decisions, decisions…

Deciding which university to attend is a biggie! USW asked us to create a cinema advert with a specific call to action – “make the decision to attend our open days”.  The content needed to be emotionally inspiring, memorable.
The Idea.

This is it!

Taking that theme of decision making, we put it directly to the viewer, making them consider how every action has a consequence, big and small. Our script was meant to empower and inspire them, make them feel as if this moment really would affect the next and the next. All we needed now was a Welsh actor who could give it the impact it deserved!
We knew Aspect had something special when they presented their early concepts. This campaign is the perfect launch for our new brand.
Fiona Davies, Head of Brand & Marketing
University of South Wales
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