The primary challenge of anyone creating any form of content is to genuinely make audiences connect and engage with it. Travel has such universal appeal across such a huge range of audiences, it’s inevitable that brands, both within and outside the travel sector, will use it as a way of grabbing the attention.

But this can come with a cost. There is so much advertising and branded content featuring travelling and exploration, that content often blends together, making it hard for brands to stand out and be remembered.

So who has managed to cut through the noise? Here is our travel content top 5.

  1. The Watchtower of Turkey

This film will be familiar to many audiences. It’s very distinct approach to cinematography and editing almost instantly created a new genre of travelogue style films, that has been replicated time and again. But nothing beats the original.

  1. Porsche Cayenne

Being the principle means of travel the world over, means this is a genre very familiar in automotive advertising. There are numerous examples we could have chosen, but we love this spot from Porsche. Incredible cinematography that works perfectly around a narrative that focuses on travel being a very personal experience.

  1. Nikon – Chasing Moments

When we look back at our life experiences they are generally defined by individual moments, snapshots in time. Many of which will be while we travel, as those are often some of our most memorable moments. This narrative is absolutely perfect for a photography brand, and Nikon has executed this ad brilliantly.

  1. Trainline – Fly Around Europe by Train

This is a very simple idea. A train booking company showing us all the different places you can see by train. But its wonderfully put together, really capturing the imagination and romanticizing train travel in a way that makes it feel very appealing.

  1. AirBnb – Not Yet Trending

A poetic and often philosophical voiceover script is a very common ingredient in travel related content, but we really like the approach of this film from AirBnb. The voiceover sounds as if it’s actually a recorded phone call. This immediately makes the film feel different, adding authenticity and personality, and working perfectly with the travel theme.

Bonus: Marriott – See Beyond

We don’t often shout about our own content in these lists but felt we couldn’t ignore this film we produced for Marriott earlier in the year. Playing on the idea that travel experiences can be enriched by exploring beyond the well-known and familiar, it really gives a hotel brand a distinct, ownable and appealing travel message. Our production team really went to town capturing some incredible shots from destinations across the Middle East and Africa.