Viral Marketing Examples

Why care? Why share?

As a specialist Viral Marketing Agency we understand that there’s more than one way to ‘go viral’. Discover the 6 story-types, and their key ingredients, that give video content the social currency that makes it sharable…

#1 Personal Triumphs

Stories that feature people overcoming adversaries, achieving something against the odds are extremely popular online. These narratives appeal to something our innate human nature. If you can shape your narrative around a personal act of courage, with high emotional stakes and obstacles to overcome – you’re viral is likely to strike that universal emotional chord.

#2 Undeniable human truths

When we see a human truth or value being expressed this can create a powerful an affirmation: “That is me! That is how I feel”. Stories, jokes, and ideas that reflect and articulate how your customer’s feels are hugely sharable.

#3 Social insight

There is huge value in providing the audience with an insight that they can then pass on to their network. Often taking a docu-tainment approach these videos can position brands has a credible source of interesting ideas, perspectives and revelations. Despite their more objective style – these videos must still connect emotionally.

#4 Humour

When someone shares a funny video – they become the joke teller. The credit for making your peers laugh falls is given to the sharer. Humour is not always the right approach for every brand, but it is often the most shared content out there.

#5 Passions

Appealing to the passions and interests of your target audience is powerful. This approach requires you to truly understand your customer and the communities they inhabit. What makes them tick? What are their pet hates? What are the in-jokes? Tapping into their passions turns you into a sought-after publisher of valuable content. Being part of the conversation and in the loop can massively impact long term brand loyalty.

#6 Surprise

Show we something new – a stunt, a spectacle that captures our collective imaginations. What haven’t we seen before? What is going to create conversation…how did they do that?

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