If you really want your content to make an impact, your script has to be on point. But before we start, it’s important to note the Maya Angelou quote, “People won’t remember what you said…they will remember how you made them feel”. So, corporate messaging aside, we’ve selected five of our top videos whose meticulously-written scripts evoke emotions that stay with you long after you’ve forgotten the words.

Be Poetic (it doesn’t have to rhyme)

Lurpak ‘Weave your Magic’

This is storytelling at its best – turning an everyday activity into an epic journey. By understanding your audience, you can speak to their passions and show the same reverence for your subject as they do.

Be Single-Minded

Guinness ‘Surfer’

Start with a strong brand sentiment. In this case, Guinness turned a mild annoyance into a trait to be respected and honoured. The fact that you have to wait 120 seconds for the perfect pint inspired the rousing call to arms ‘Good things come to those who wait’. The rest is history.

Speak to the heart

Thompson ‘Time for a Holiday’

It’s often a useful exercise to try and determine which celebrity represents the brand’s tone of voice, but we could just as easily ask which family member it might be. In this case, using a young boy is a powerful reminder to us adults to embrace the childlike qualities of play that we relate to holidays. To remind us that a week or two away with our families are remembered forever.

Flip perceptions

Puma ‘The After Hours Athlete’

As BBH say, ‘when the world zigs, zag’. Puma are a sports brand that have always sat beneath the likes of Nike and Adidas, but they’ve cleverly carved out their own groove by facing the reality of sportswear – that it’s mainly worn by normal young people, cleverly redubbed ‘The After Hours Athlete’.

Tell a story

Johnnie Walker ‘The Man Who Walked Around The World’

Every brand has an origin story to be told. Be engaging enough and you can keep viewers’ attention for five and a half minutes!