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Audiences can’t get enough of it. Brands don't get enough from it.

Audiences can’t get enough of it. Brands can’t get enough from it.
People involved.

The pursuit of more dominates business. As marketers we’ve been schooled to chase growth across an ever-increasing set of metrics. More awareness, more sales, more profit. Stakeholders demand it. Careers rest on it.

Today we produce more content than ever before – we have more data, tools, channels and formats than we know what to do with. The quest for more attention/views/likes drives content creation 24/7, 365 days a year.

Have we internalised the idea that more is better full stop? I sense more content/activity has become a proxy for success, an ingrained habit. And how’s it working out? In our experience, not so well.

500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. You don’t need to be a video specialist to see that creating ever more content won’t increase your chances of success.

Luck’s got nothing to do with it

The pandemic has challenged the myth of more. Lockdown forced us to stop dashing around. We have a chance – perhaps an imperative – to do things differently.

So much content gets made in the hope that it connects with audiences, in the hope that it cuts through and gets real results. But should you really be hoping to get lucky?

There are hundreds of marketing books out there BUT we found that there isn’t an easy, fool proof checklist of the crucial building blocks for successful video. So, we’ve distilled what we’ve learned from 15 years of making video content, with leading brands, and developed our own 5 Video “Do or Die’s” that challenge the way video normally gets made and shifts the focus from outputs to outcomes.

Using these 5 pillars we've developed a range of workshops, delivered in a fun, collaborative and insightful format that help brands create an immediately actionable long-term plan.

Transform your content

Attending one of our workshops helps brands identify gaps and opportunities to create real distinction, uncovering what audiences really think, feel and do. Why? To help you create content that connects at every stage of the customer journey, never misses the mark and leaves audiences wanting more.

For starters, we’ll explore:

• How to stop cramming messages into content and become more singular

• Why likes can be meaningless without action

• Why you can’t afford not to stand out, but distinction matters more than differentiation

• Why relevance matters more than targeting

• And ….why you must engage with customers on an emotional level, whoever you are!

So wherever you are in your video journey, we have a workshop for you!

The best part: By the time you get on set, you’ll be confident the video you’re making will deliver game changing results.

So don’t leave your video to chance. Adopt a black cat, crack a mirror on Friday 13th. Because with Aspect, you’re out of luck and in control.

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