Argghhh it so hard to choose! Animations have that special quality; the craftsmanship, unique artwork, charming characters…it’s the utter ‘how did they do that?’ of it all that makes us want more!

We’ve (reluctantly) whittled it down to our favourite 5 pieces of the last 12 months.

1. BBC Sport ‘Fifa World Cup 2018’ Promo

A tapestry is a perfect record for historical events and here it is brought up to date in the form of a ‘tapestry film’. What is that? you might ask…well, each frame of this animation is an individual machine embroidered image that has been photographed and put together to create the animation. Yeah, we! Completely epic and original, it closes with the message ‘History will be made’ and we think that is true in more ways than one.

2. Cheerios ‘Right on Tracks’

We love this series of puppeteered and animated videos. The aesthetic and technique looks so simple but it’s a crafted kind of simple which takes real talent to pull off. With catchy, funny songs to keep you engaged and very funny moments to enjoy. This is what branded content should be about; Cheerios know the feeling they want you to take away. And it’s not just for kids, they certainly cheerio-ed us up too.

3. VOW ‘To End Child Marriage’

Using multiple artists to create montage style videos has been a key trend this year. We are hooked by all of the charming characters and relatable scenarios and then suddenly hit by the hard reality of the messaging. Animation really champions difficult subjects and here it is used to great effect.

4. Wind Down: Switching off with Sleep by Headspace

The headspace animated style isn’t new, but it’s been so successful for the brand that they have continued to produce content in the same style. They are instructional mostly, how-to’s and product explainers, but they are brilliantly visualised. Once again, they have that look of simplicity that means you take it all in without losing concentration on the narration.

5. Tinder, ‘Invention of Togetherness’

A short history of why people started to hang out and couples became a thing. CGI with a very textured hand made feel. A visual feast! It’s a match for us!


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