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boy NSPCC Volunteer

Louis Haywood, Strategic Film & Animation

"In the productions we've worked on so far with Aspect, they've been creative, professional and diligent. Their creative team come to each project with a wonderful freshness and collaborative spirit which makes it genuinely a really enjoyable process. There's also a very serious, big agency professionalism among the account teams which make you feel like you're being listened to at every step. There's clearly a good company ethos at Aspect which permeates through to everyone who works there."
Shangri La Water Villa

Luca Deplano, VP - Brand Communications

"The Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts group has embarked on a very ambitious project to create video content to show the amazing variety and beauty of our hotels around the globe. We chose Aspect Film & Video because we believe they are the ideal partner to help us accomplish it. They immediately understood the brand vision, helped us create a visual style uniquely Shangri-La and were instrumental in managing all the logistical challenges that come with shooting in such diverse number of locations. They have been a great partner and it's been a pleasure to work with the various teams, in Bristol and in the shoot locations."
rock climber The_North_Face

James Harbey, Head of Marketing

"Aspect developed a TV commercial for North Face to penetrate the European market targeting 18-34 year old males with a new “Longer Days are Back” campaign. The campaign celebrated the change in season and the opportunity to explore for longer. Alongside their European advertising agency Factory, Aspect's creative brought to life a tantalising prospect of the end to the winter and given the extra light, the promise of being able to run, walk and climb for longer. Drawing over 433,000 views in Germany and Italy alone. The ad drove engagement rates with local The North Face Facebook sites of 9.5% in Germany and 8.5% in Italy."